Project Alpha Session 1 dh kuar…

Apa tu Project Alpha…?
Asal sumijelly nie sibuk2 pasal benda nie>
ha…ni nak bagi tahu lanie.. aku nak support blogger melayu sapa lagi kalu bukan Redmummy kita…
rasanya ramai yg dh kenal kan sapa dia Redmummy
ni la masanya kita tolong anak melayu…


so..korang nak tahu apa tu project alpha…
sila baca selanjutnya di bawah yek…

Project Alpha is the first Online TV Show unveiling the real faces behind Malaysia’s Top Bloggers. The show will take audience into various sneak peeks of bloggers’ lives, who they are, how they live, what makes them tick and where they derive their inspiration to capture the attention and interests of millions of online readers on a daily basis. The show will also try to uncover their darkest secrets which they keep hidden from their readers.

The first season of Project Alpha will feature Sixthseal, Redmummy, Beautiful Nara, Fourfeetnine, Kennysia, Nicolekiss and Budiey. Set to go live on and radio station website ( daily for 7 weeks, from September 18th, 2009 onwards, it will cover the lives of these top bloggers in depth.


Korang boleh tgk clip video seperti di nyatakan :-


First episode will be out this Friday 18th September and kalau korang nak jadi guest bloggers for Project Alpha Season 2, g la jenguk kat


pstt kak red..dlm video tu kan..nampak cam garang jer kak red..

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    • sumijelly says:

      ha’ah…tu la pasal..
      dia selamba jer panggil abang..
      x per, biar jd riri sendir dr dibuat2 kan…
      hidup kak red…hahaha poyo jer kak sumi ni kan..

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