Please Help! Missing Child – Daanya Hana Leonora

Mommies, this is a Community Reach message brought to you by Mom Bloggers Planet. Please HELP us to find and reunite a missing child, Daanya Hana Leonora with her mother.

Daanya Hana Leonora is only 18-months old. She is still breastfeeding but has been KIDNAPPED by her own father on January 16  in bright daylight!

Her mother, Farah Shamsuddin said she had separated from her husband in April 2008 while she was 5 months pregnant, alleging abuse both mentally and physically. Farah has full custody of Daanya while waiting for divorce proceedings to be completed.

The father, Lenardi Amnisar Yuliawiratman has taken away the little girl from her mother’s arm in a public area in Kuala Lumpur but no one was helping. It is believed that he has planned the abduction with his friends before meeting Daanya and her mom in a fast food outlet in Ampang.

It actually happened during a meeting instructed by the court which states that the father can see his daughter at McDonalds Jalan Kolam Air Lama (beside Petronas) with the presence of both party lawyers. The meeting started at 10am. At first everything went well, but at about 11am the father grabbed Daanya Hana from the hands of her mother and ran to a car which has been standing by from the beginning.

On 23rd January 2010, the husband has taken Daanya to Indonesia by taking a ferry to Batam. The shocking thing is that eventhough Daanya’s birth certificate is kept by her mother, Lenardi still can exit the country with Daanya.

It turned out that 2 months after Daanya’s birthday, Lenardi had applied for another birth certificate for their daughter with a different name on it (Leonora Daanya Hana Lenardi Amnisar). That’s absurd!! How can NRD let that happened?

It may not be possible to locate the missing Daanya Hana Leonora but we can help Farah by giving moral supports and PRAY that the husband return the breasfeeding child back to the mother. Thank you.

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