Simple steps & Get creative with Photobook Designer.

You don’t need to be a pro designer. All you need is to gather your photos stored on your computer or digital camera to kickstart. Photobook Designer – totally brilliant and it’s a breeze to use!

1. Select your book size

Firstly, let’s select your preferred book size from the drop-down list. A great range of book sizes for you to choose from; consisting of both hard covers and soft covers. You can also check out Book Styles for all book options available. Next, name your new book project and click “Create”.

2. Load your pictures

Moving on, simply click on ‘+’ icon to add pictures to your project. Select the pictures you desire to put into your book. Your pictures will then be loaded into the ‘Pictures’ tray, and are now ready to use.

3. Fill in pictures

To insert a photo, simple drag-and-drop your picture into the page. You can choose to have your picture as a single picture, background picture or spread.

4. Resize, crop & rotate pictures


Drag the resize handles at the four corners of the object to resize your picture.


Drag the side handle inward to crop your picture.


Click on the Position button on the photo tools menu on the right of Photobook Designer. Toggle the picture according to your desired angle..

Predefined layouts

Want to give your pictures a ‘different’ look or feel? Why not give a special touch-up to your pictures by adding Black & White or Sepia mode. Feel free to explore the image enhancement features such as Brightness, Contrast, Vignette and more to bring out several results from your original images!

5. Edit pictures

Want your pictures to have a ‘different’ look or feel? Why not give a special touch-up to your pictures by adding Black & White or Sepia filter. Feel free to explore the image enhancementssuch as Contrast, Sharpen, Skin Tone, Noise Reduction, and more to bring out several results from your original images!

6. Change page styles, masks, backgrounds

You may want to start the page with Page Styles. Just drag and drop your preferred layout to the page. Fret not; you won’t lose the flexibility to modify the page. These page styles make creating your book so easy, with just one click away. Better yet, it works for books of any sizes.

You can add a mask to a picture box or shape simply by dragging it from the library onto the picture. A mask will always scale to fit the box exactly.

You can also use either your pictures as backgrounds, or the various pre-loaded backgrounds designs from the ‘Backgrounds’ tray in the library.

7. Insert text/captions

All pictures and no words makes it a little dull, isn’t it? So, why not try adding some captions to your back print messages. This adds special details to your page.

8. Order

Once you have finished designing your book, click on the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon to submit your photo book.

** Place your order

There are two options for order placing. You can choose to place your order either via Internet or any portable storage media, (e.g. CD, thumb drive). Just follow the screen instructions to complete your order placing.

A new browser window will launch and you will be directed to Photobook Worldwide’s online order page.

9. Make payment

Proceed with your payment for your order at Photobook’s online shopping cart. Orders will only be processed upon payment received. If this is your first purchase from our online store, you would be requested to sign up for an account before you proceed to make any payment. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, informing you that your order has been received by Photobook.
(Note: Please keep the confirmation e-mail for future reference.)

10. Upload order

The order is not complete until your book has been uploaded. Once you have completed the online order form, upload your book (choose “Upload Finished pages”, then click “Continue”).

We do NOT accept any amendments or changes to be made to the file ONCE the file (book) is uploaded. Therefore, it is customer’s responsibility to check the proofs thoroughly before uploading their book for process.

wah…sudah baca kan?? berminat nak wat PHOTO BOOKS ker??hehehe…

meh..meh.. g ker PHOTO BOOKS nyer website. Harga pun berpatutan ko.. aku dh buat satu.. nanti aku tunjukk aku punya buku yek..hehehehe

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