Results of the 'Why I Like It Longer' blogging contest are out!

Dear Nuffnanger,

Thank you for participating in the Why I Like It Longer blogging contest! Your response to the contest was absolutely overwhelming, and we had a fun time reading through all your creative blog posts. Now, we’re glad to announce that the three bloggers who’ll walk away with a brand new LG Chocolate BL40 worth RM 2,199 each are:

1. Joshua Wong (
2. Wee Yin San (
3. Chong Chee Ching (

Congratulations to the winners! If you’re not one of the lucky winners this time, worry not as you can always try your luck at one of the many contests and events which are up and coming on our blog at

Blogger Relations Department

Nota kaki : congrats! to all winner… maybe next time will be my turn.. (mengubat rasa kecewa…hahahaah)

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  1. Remar says:

    I think that if you have a blog, then it is what you need.
    Tell people about something, someone is advertising, to somebody else for something else.
    Personally, I think so.
    Here I have a blog about my travels, but I can not share them with people, because somebody would write that this is spam.
    A hoster will also kick 🙂

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