Thank you My Tulip & My Oney!

Ok.. I want story u about my Lunch Date with my friend with name Tulip & Oney.

This story already long time ago.. perghhh..I want try to write entry with English.. can or not my friend ??? hehehehe

Actually, my fren name Oney is stay at Melaka History town ok. And that day, he err….. he or she?? hahaha… confusing… of course la SHE.. is GIRL ok… She came to KL for meet me and Tulip.


This is Oney… we friends a long…long time ago..around 2 years without meeting. Only thru internet and chit chat only u know?? hehehe

Can close like we a sibling…hehehehe


This is my Tulip. Same with Oney… we meet from internet at Mangkukhayun Group. But Tulip I always meet. And with him I always connection every day thru FB or SMS


ok… this picture of three.. we take picture our self with long hand Tulip…hehehe

fuh..fuh… very tired and difficult to write entry with English. Enough already.. my English now like market language. Is very…very pour… errkk….pour or poor?? suddenly don’t know how to spelling..hahahaha

so..maybe this is last entry will be write in English..if not.. no body will read my blog because so broken English..hahahaha

Erkk…please comment my entry ye.. I love to heard from your comment.

Foot note : sorry for any wrong spelling and can make double meaning… huhuh.. thanks for reading this entry!

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  1. Farah Yusri says:

    Not too bad, Kak Sumi!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have always wanted to meet some of the bloggers that I’ve known for a while, cuma sampai sekarang masih tak berkesempatan.

  2. Cik Norfa says:

    even ur grammar is tunggang langgang or the right term i shud call is ‘broken english’…i’ll support u my sis!!muahahaha….

    hampeh…takkan nak komen pun bahasa inggeriskan…bila masa buat perjumpaan ni…issh2…
    .-= Cik Norfa´s last blog ..ahli-ahli di SL =-.

    • sumijelly says:

      @Cik Norfa,
      muahahahaha……… learn from mistake marr…hahaha

      eleh..nak komen english konon..piraah…
      tu g la tgk balik jawapan ko kat World Club Facebook tu..dia dh bagi jawapan tu…hehehehe siap bg no phone lagi…..

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