Hantar SMS menggunakan GMAIL?

Sekarang ni rasanya ramai dah tahu kot hantar SMS menggunakan EMAIL. Dulu pernah buat… bila tak der kredit pakai jer EMAIL hantar, kekadang hantar SMS ke EMAIL pun boleh….. tapi selepas tu tak boleh pula… emmm… tak thau kenapa? puas cuba tapi selali gagal…

Kali ni, DIGI ngan MAXIS perkenalkan SMS melalui GMAIL pula… Emel lain tak tahu la boleh ker tidak..hehehe

Nak tahu caranya? ala.senang jer… meh tengok. Cara-cara di bawha ni dari DIGI website, tapi rasanya untuk MAXIS line pun sama jer kot caranya….


Setting up Gmail SMS on your computer

Step 1

Log in to Gmail. Note: You must have a valid Gmail account to use this service. If you do not have one, you must create a new Gmail account.

Step 2

Click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner of your browser window and select Labs.

Step 3
Look for SMS (text messaging) in Chat and select Enable.

Step 4
Press Save Changes. You will be returned to your inbox once your changes have been saved.


Sending Gmail SMS to a new mobile number

Step 1 (Option 1)

In the Chat panel of your browser,click in the Search, chat, or SMS box and enter your friend’s name. Then select Send SMS from the options that appear.

Step 1 (Option 2)

Click on Actions in an open chat window and select Send Text (SMS).

Step 2

Enter your friend’s phone number in the window that appears and click Save. Note: Only DiGi subscribers will be able to receive and reply to messages sent via
Gmail SMS.

Step 3

Type a message in the chat window that appears. Your chat message will be sent to your friend as an SMS.


Sending Gmail SMS to a previously saved mobile number

Step 1

Mouse over your friend’s name, and then select Send SMS. Note: If a mobile icon appears next to your friend’s name, you can start using Gmail SMS immediately.

Step 2

Type a message in the chat window that appears. Your chat message will be sent to your friend as an SMS.


Macam ni la rupanya SMS yang di terima dari EMEL :


Untuk makluman :

Note: Each SMS your friend sends from his/her mobile phone to your computer costs 10sen / SMS.

Jadi selepas ni boleh la hantar SMS melalui GMAIL kalu tetiba kawasan tu tiada liputan talian kan? hehehe…. Saya belum cuba lagi.. ada tak yang pernah cuba??


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