Durian Packages “Back By Popular Demand” – Eat Durian As Much As You Can




Tourism Malaysia Penang once again will organize the Durian Packages “Back by Popular Demand” – Eat Durian As Much As You Can at Naza Talyya, Penang from 1st until 31st July 2012 in order to promote the durian season in Penang.

The objectives of the event are to:-

  • Introduce a unique durian package which is rare where durian will be served at the hotel;
  • Further boost the agro-tourism industry with introduction of a variety of locally produced durian fruit in Penang;
  • Stimulate economic growth in the agro-tourism industry as well as helping the tour operators to offer innovative tourism products in Penang; and
  • Encourage domestic tourism with promotion of local fruits in Malaysia.

The event will be inaugurated by the Deputy Director General of Tourism Malaysia, Hon. Dato’ Haji Azizan Noordin on the 1st July 2012 at 5.00pm. Besides eating durian, Naza Talyya, Penang will serve more than 15 other durian based dishes and beverages during the promotion period.

Tourism Malaysia Penang took the initiative to include the durian as part of the agro-tourism product in Penang because it is not only a savoury and sweet edible fruit, but one that contains a high amount of sugar, vitamin C, potassium and the serotonergic amino acid tryptophan along with a good source of carbohydrates and proteins.

In addition, in Malaysia, a decoction of the leaves and roots used to be prescribed as an antipyretic. The leaf juice is applied on the head of a fever patient. The most complete description of the medical use of the durian as remedies for fevers is a Malay prescription, collected by Burkill and Haniff in 1930. It instructs to boil the roots of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis with the roots of Durio zibethinus, Nephelium longan, Nephelium mutabile and Artocarpus integrifolia and drink the decoction or use it as a poultice.

Tourism Malaysia Penang has also been working with local travel agents to develop durian packages,  namely  the  Durian Buffet  from  RM55 for Adult and RM33 for Child, the 2-days-1-nights Durian Package from RM115, the 3-days-2-nights Durian Package from RM335 and Super Sunday Durian Package Lover from RM95.

To extend the gratitude and thanks to all the potential package buyers who will make it possible for the Durian Packages to become a success, the participants may stand a chance to win a return tickets to Hong Kong or Bandung, Indonesia courtesy of Air Asia.

For more information, please contact Encik Mohd Isma Nizam Jamaludin or Cik Nurul Aida Mohamed Noor, Tourism Officer, Tourism Malaysia Penang at 04-261 0058/263 4941  or email ismanizam@tourism.gov.my and nurulaida@tourism.gov.my.

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