Lego® Batman Experience di Toys ‘R’ Us Midvalley Megamall

Halluuuuuuuuu……….. esok hari sabtu? ada ke mana-mana ker??

Haaaaaaaaa…… moh la ke Toys ‘R’ Us Midvalley Megamall ada Acara Lego Batman sempena Lego® Batman Movie yang akan di tayangkan tak lama lagi….

Tarikh : 14 Januari 2017
Tempat : Toys ‘R’ Us Midvalley Megamall

Here’s 6 awesome reasons you should come for the unique LEGO Batman experience!

1. One-of-a-kind THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE play area

  • Unleash the ferocious builder in you at the specially-designed play area for Dark Knight LEGO® fans.

2. Get a preview of a completely fan-built THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Diorama

  • Built by LEGO® User Group of Malaysia (LOM).

3. Crack the code for a special THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE gift

  • Take the #BuildSomethingBatman challenge. Visit LEGO® Malaysia’s Facebook, look for THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 360 video and solve the code. The first 50 fans who come with the code will get a special THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE gift.

4. Make and Take your own THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE vehicle

  • Exclusive only to Toys ‘R’ Us, any purchase of the THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Play Sets (excluding Minifigures) allows you to build your own bat mobile at the play area and bring it home.

5. The exclusive THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Set

  • First 100 early bats who purchase THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Arkham Asylum set will get an exclusive LEGO® goodie bag which includes a random minifigure from the movie. The first 25 will get a goodie bag plus a pair of tickets to premiere of THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE.

Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut… layari  :-

LEGO® Malaysia’s Facebook
Toys ‘R’ Us Malaysia’s Facebook

Jadi… datang la beramai-ramai esok ke  MidValley !!!!

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