Declare Your Love this Father’s Day!


Oreo T-Card dunk your dad this Father’s Day!

Let’s face it. We aren’t tall enough to do a slam dunk, but Oreo dunk? That we CAN do! Since basketball is a team sport, make Oreo a family moment. Take a short break from your busy life and clock in tea time with your family, and watch everyone eat Oreo’s the way they like it.

And since Father’s Day is around the corner, design your dad a special T-Shirt card from Oreo with this Facebook app. You could also send it to your husband, uncle and even to a friend you know that just became a daddy! Or if you’ve kids, you could even ask your kids to send this Oreo T-Shirt card to their dads!

Celebrate Happy Father’s Day with an Oreo T-Card!

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